Only found in the South American Amazon regions. Along the banks the small bushy tree can survive submerge for over half a year. The plant requires large amounts of water and favors subtropical climates. The highly sought berry has caused larger areas of the Amazon to be protected to insure it’s growth. Productions to satisfy the world market has caused the berry to have it’s own fair Argument of production to satisfy the world market is effecting the population of the plant. However, the berry has it’s own Fair Trade Association like coffee. China in the biggest purchaser of Camu in the world.
The Camu berry tested to be one of the most concentrated food form of Vitamin-C on the planet. Sour to taste and beside it’s potent amount of Vitamin-C the berry contents healthy rare types of Betulic and Ellagic acids. Recently the daily value requirement of Vitamin-C amount have increased. To assure proper absorption and assimilation consuming a natural source of Vitamin-C is wiser and synthetic one. Vitamin-C is the one of the most used antioxidant in the body and it’s responsible for aiding in multiple chemical reaction in the body. From immune function to collagen production for healthy skin this is the one nutrient you do not want to go without.