It is believed 2 different civilizations cultivated coconuts thousands of years ago in the Indian and Pacific Ocean basins. Both ocean currents and seafarers carried coconuts through various regions around the globe’s equator. In these sandy environments the plant thrives on an abundance of minerals and water. As a top choice of survivalists food because of it’s natural packaging and variety of available nutrition. The liquid is rich essential minerals and the raw fruit contains high amounts of fat. Minerals are necessary for cell life and the only way to get these essential minerals is through diet and proper supplementation. Unfortunately the over use of fertilizers have decreased the amount of trace minerals is soils in the US.
Freeze drying is one of the most natural and effective ways to preserving the valuable element of this tropical liquid. The method concentrates the essential salt that were pulled from sandy soils by the tree These trace minerals like potassium, magnesium and phosphorus are required in the diet to sustain life. Even through they are required in minutes amounts a deficiency in minerals can lead to major health risks. Each one of the electrolytes plays a specific role in the chemical reactions within the body. Acting as conductor, trace minerals are responsible for the billion of electrical pulses in the body.