Discovered by yak herders in the Himalayan mountain region. Recorded history of the mushroom’s use in Traditional Chinese Medicine started about 1,000 years ago. Traditionally recommended for various ailments and for energy. It is the most noted as being a Chi Tonic. Once the most expensive edible food substance in the world and only available to the upper class recent cultivation advancement have increased availability.
In the last few decades knowledge of the mushroom has progressed significantly. In the last 13 years indoor cultivation methods have produced Cordyceps that are bio-identical to ones found in the wild but stronger in health constituents and lower in environmental toxins. Nutritionally the most concentrated form of naturally occurring Adenosine. Modern studies show that increasing this substance in the body leads to in proved stamina by increasing the body’s use of oxygen in each cell. Improving cell function, benefiting liver and respiratory health are some of the main findings. The Cardyceps used to make our extract were laboratory grown conditions mimicking high altitude environments to achieve bio-identical nutrient profiles like those the wild.